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From small projects to big remodels, there’s no home repair job we can’t handle. We are the handyman service who puts our customer’s needs and vision first. There’s no other home handyman in Brandon, MS who works harder than we do. Guaranteed.

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Local Handyman Service & Home Repair

Brandon Handyman Services

Whether you’ve got a big project or some minor to-do’s, Go-To Handyman Of Brandon has you covered for all of your handyman needs.

We put our focus on providing top-notch home repair services in Brandon, MS, and its surrounding areas. With decades of experience in the service industry, there’s no project we can’t handle.

Don’t put your next home repair project in the hands of just any handyman — always find a handyman in Brandon that puts your needs and goals first.

Brandon Home Repair Services

We cover everything from small repairs like a bit of rot on your porch, a broken window, a door replacement to major rot damage restoration, rebuilding parts of your home, and more. This includes our Brandon drywall repair services, plumbing repairs, siding repair, windows and doors, and senior living modifications.

Brandon Remodeling & Exterior Services

We also provide full scale kitchen and bathroom remodels including our tile installation & repair, custom woodwork and trim, finish carpentry, as well as  exterior services such as deck installation, fence installation, painting, patios, and more.

To-Do Lists & Honey Do’s

Need some furniture assembled? Lightbulbs changed? Christmas lights put up or taken down? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to see if we can help.

To learn more about our extensive services, we have included a brief list below. No need to worry if you don’t see your particular need there. We are more than capable of accommodating a large variety of client situations. The fastest way to get info is to call us and speak to us directly. All potential projects get a free inspection and estimate. So if you’ve been looking to hire a handyman in Brandon, give us a call right away and let’s get started.


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For Homeowners

We’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to homeowner handyman service needs. Whether you just need a Honey Do list outsourced, or if you have projects like shelving, furniture, renovation, home repair, painting, and so on on the list that you just don’t have the time to do, you can count on us.

For Property Managers

We routinely take care of those recurring repairs and tasks that come along with owning or renting a house. We can take care those recurring home improvements in Brandon needs as well as prepare a location for a new tenant or buyer. Just give us a call to get a free inspection and estimate on your particular project needs.

For  Contractors/Builders

Contractors stay busy, we get that. If you’re a contractor who’s too busy working on new important projects to have to go back and get warranty work done on an old one, give us a call. We frequently fulfill warranty work for busy contractors who have their eyes on a bigger prize. We’ll take of the little things for you.

Projects of All Sizes

We are full equipped to handle large projects that might take days, but we’re also happy to handle smaller projects that could take 2-8 hours. That’s why our home repair in Brandon handyman services are so awesome. You get professional service without the big company cost. Plus, the work can be highly personalized to your desires.

The Best Local Handyman Service in Brandon, MS

No Other Handyman Works Harder Than We Do

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The Best Handyman Service Brandon, MS Residents Could Ask For

About Us

Go-To Handyman Of Brandon is much more than another local handyman service in Brandon, MS. We’re professionals with decades of experience who understand the importance of meeting a customer’s expectations.

We’re your home improvements in Brandon, MS and surrounding areas. No job is too small or too big, whether it’s tackling those simple to-do’s and honey do’s, or something much larger like kitchen remodeling or deck installation — we’ve got you covered.

Don’t leave your next home repair job up to just any local handyman service — leave it to the pros who are dependable and have your needs and expectations in mind. Leave it to Go-To Handyman Of Brandon. Google “best local handyman near me” and see who you find. It’ll be us!

Decades Of Experience

We’re the professionals you need for your next home repair in Brandon project. We’ll get it done right.


You can depend on us to get your home repair job done on time, everytime. Like clockwork.

Customer Focused

There’s no replacement for excellent customer service. We put your needs first.

Ethical & Professional

No hard-selling services you don’t need. We’re up front, honest, & ethical handymen.

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Putting Customer Service First

Why Choose Us?

There’s no shortage of local handyman services in Brandon, MS. So why should you go with Go-To Handyman Of Brandon? Simple: no other local handyman service will work harder for you than we will.

The way we see it, we’re not in the home repair business — we’re in the people business. And putting customer needs before our own helps us maintain strong relationships, a solid reputation, and a long list of very happy Brandon home repair customers.

You can always replace damaged decks and walls. You can’t replace a company that cares for its customers the way we do.

Your Projects Matter To Us We approach every home repair job like it was one we’d have done at our home. We understand our customer’s ambitions for their home repair or remodel, and we aim to satisfy.
Your Safety Is Our Priority We’re not in the business of shoddy work for a quick buck. Our local handyman services focus on ensuring your home repair project is done properly and safely.
Your Vision Is Our Vision You’re not our customer. You’re our partner. Let’s work together and get your next home repair project done in a way that satisfies that vision and makes you feel like you’re in the home of your dreams.

We Put Your Repair Service Needs First

Customer Reviews

It’s easy for us to rave about our handyman service. So don’t take our word for it: see what some of our customers have to say about us. We pride ourselves on a 5-star service for all of our customers. When you work with us, expect professional handyman services with a personal touch. If you looked up home repair near me, you found us!

I needed a home repair fast and all the handyman services near me weren’t up to snuff. I came across Go-To Handyman of Brandon and gave them a call. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only did they listen to my needs, but they also recommended the best approach for my vision. Do yourself a favor and give them a call if you need local handyman services.

Dale G. — Whitfield, MS

Stellar service! Trying to find an honest handyman near me was difficult. Needless to say, once I came across Go-To Handyman Of Brandon it became easy. They offered us a competitive quote and finished the job up before their estimated completion time. I couldn’t have asked for more from a handyman service. I will definitely call them for all of our future home repair projects.

Lynne A.Brandon, MS

Go-To Handyman Of Brandon was the best home repair contractors I’ve ever worked with. I knew that getting a good estimate for our kitchen remodel was going to be tough but these guys made it a breeze. I didn’t care too much about the cost, I just wanted to make sure the remodel was going to get done right. I’ve gotta say, their work is flawless. Extremely satisfied and will definitely call them again.

Steven M.Pearl, MS

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of a handyman?

A handyman is a jack of all trades. They work on everything from cleaning, to repairing appliances and more. A great handyman is rare. They tend to be very skilled at a very large list of things, and are fast on their feet to provide affordable services that don’t typically fit into what a typical contractor would be willing to bother with. Everything from full scale remodels, installations, replacements, repairs, home repairs and home improvements, etc. Depending on the handyman, their services may be available on a part time, limited basis, or as needed. The work they do can vary based on location. For example, an apartment complex would need someone to work on appliances and the buildings maintenance, while a single family home might have him work on garage door repairs or replace some siding.

What do handyman services include?

The work that a handyman may provide can vary greatly based on their skills, location, and the homeowner’s needs. However, some of the most common services that a handyman provides include:

– Home repairs

– Installing or repairing appliances

– Painting

– Carpentry

– Electrical wiring or repairs (depends on the handyman)

– Plumbing

– Remodeling or repairs

– And many, many more.

What is a fair price for a handyman?

This can vary greatly based on the handyman’s skills, location, and what services are provided. However, most handymen charge by the hour. So, it is best to get an estimate before work begins. You can also find handyman services that will give you a quote for the entire project. This is a good option if you have a larger project that needs to be completed.

Hiring a handyman can be a great way to get small jobs done around the house without having to hire a full-time contractor. They are skilled at many things and can provide quality work for a fraction of the cost.

Is a handyman cheaper than a contractor?

A contractor is more skilled in some specific areas than a handyman. A contractor may be able to provide larger services for example, but your average handyman will almost certainly be more affordable and provide great service that you cannot get from a contractor. So while there are benefits to hiring both (even if you hire different contractors each time), depending on the job, your handyman may be able to do the job just as well at a fraction of the cost, and with more flexiblity.

When should you use a handyman?

Handyman services are great for a variety of projects. Some of the most common reasons to use a handyman are:

– You don’t have the time or skills to do the job yourself

– The job is too small for a contractor

Why does our garage floor sweat?

Garage floor sweating is usually caused by a high humidity level in the air, which leads to condensation. Over time the floor will begin to look cloudy and feel moist. Sweating can happen when it is cold outside, because inside air tends to be much warmer than outdoors. As the warmer moisture-laden air comes in contact with a cool surface such as concrete it creates condensation. Most garage floors will be unsealed concrete, which is very porous as well. The porous concrete allows water to pass into it, which can cause your floor to sweat.

There are several ways that you can prevent garage floor sweating. Here are some steps you can take:

– Seal the concrete with sealant

– Increase ventilation in the area

Sealing the concrete is typically a good solution to this problem.

How do I clean tile grout?

Cleaning tile grout is a pretty straight-forward process, but one of the most important aspects is to use the right cleaner and equipment. You want to make sure that whatever cleaner you use is completely safe for tile and grout. The cleaner also needs to be effective at removing dirt and mildew from your tile, without damaging it in any way.

How often should a deck be cleaned and how long does a sealant last?

A deck should be cleaned every six to twelve months, or as needed depending on foot traffic and weather conditions. A deck will typically have a sealant applied every one to three years, which will protect the wood from damage by the sun and mildew.

How to repair drywall nail pops?

A drywall nail pop is when the nail pops out of the drywall, leaving a hole. This can be caused by a number of things such as movement in the wall, nails that are too small, or improper nailing techniques. There are a few ways to repair a drywall nail pop. You can use a putty knife to fill the hole with some drywall mud, and then use a sandpaper to smooth it out. But you can’t just fill the hole and paint over it, you need to fix the cause of the nail pop. While seemingly simple, this task can be hard to do well due to how sensitive our eyes are to slight changes in color, texture, and shading. The goal is to have the fix be virtually invisible but that is unfortunately very challenging to do, which is why we recommend hiring a pro.

How to repair or remove asbestos siding?

Asbestos siding is typically found on older homes, particularly those built before 1980. This type of siding can deteriorate over time, and it becomes friable – meaning that the material becomes powdery and easily crumbled by hand. The best way to go about removing asbestos siding is to hire a professional who has experience working with this because it is absolutely not suitable for DIY.

How to remove mildew on exterior paint?

Mildew is a type of fungus that can grow on paint, particularly if it is not sealed or painted properly. It can cause the paint to chip and flake, and it will also discolor the paint. Mildew can be removed with a bleach solution, but you need to be very careful when using bleach because it can damage the paint and the underlying surface. It’s best to use a product specifically designed to remove mildew, and to test it in an inconspicuous area before using it on the entire surface.

How to fix truss uplift?

There are a number of causes for truss uplift, but the most common cause is that the nails used to secure the bottom chord were not long enough for this purpose. The most effective way to prevent truss uplift from occurring again is to replace those nails with longer ones. Easier said then done, however. We recommend giving a pro call for this.

How to remove and replace popcorn ceiling?

The process of removing and replacing a popcorn ceiling is not as daunting as it may seem. The first step is to remove all of the popcorn, which can be done with a simple scraping tool. Once the popcorn is removed, you need to repair any damage that was done to the ceiling during the removal process. You then need to prime and paint the ceiling to get rid of the popcorn texture. That said, while not as complex as you might imagine, working on the ceiling in any situation can be laborious and exhausting.

How to fix sagging floors?

If you’ve noticed that your floor is starting to sag it can be a very frustrating situation, so we recommend doing whatever you can to fix the issue ASAP. The longer you wait, the worse it will get and the more difficult – and expensive – it will be to fix. One of the most common causes of sagging floors is when the underlaying floor structure has slipt, sunk, or broken. This is a job for a pro!

How to fix sweaty windows?

Windows that sweat, or perspire, can be a nuisance and can also lead to the growth of mold and mildew. There are a few things you can do to help fix the issue:

– Clean the windows and frames with a detergent and water solution

– Install weatherstripping or door sweeps on the bottom of the windows

– Replace the windows with insulated models

How to clean exterior brick?

Mold and mildew can be a big issue on exterior brick. There are both preventative measures, like treating your brick regularly with a mixture of bleach and water, as well as corrective ones that you can take after noticing an issue. You can use a pressure washer to clean the brick, but take care not to damage it. You can also use a scrub brush and a detergent solution. Be sure to rinse well and let the brick dry completely before applying any sealant.

How to fix peeling exterior paint?

There are a few reasons why paint might start to peel on the exterior of your home. One of the most common reasons is that the paint wasn’t applied properly in the first place, or that it’s been exposed to too much moisture. The best way to fix peeling paint is to remove all of the existing paint, and then to apply a coat of primer before applying the new paint.


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